What Can You Send Together With Sympathy Flowers?

10 March 2016
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You just heard the sad news, and it has been weeks or even months since the person passed away. If you have no idea where to start, sympathy flowers are a good way of expressing your heartfelt condolences to the surviving family members of the deceased. They are a show of compassion, often used to show a special relationship with someone else. As you plan to send the flowers, there are things you can use to accompany the flower delivery, making your message deep and more meaningful for the person receiving them. Here are a few things that you can send alongside the bouquet of sympathy flowers:

A Basket of Fruits

Food is a necessity in people's lives. Therefore, when one gives food freely to someone else, it is considered a gesture of generosity because you are freely giving them one of the things that they require for survival. Therefore, using a small basket of fruits to accompany the sympathy flowers that you are sending is symbolic of your generosity. In other words, you are telling them of your willingness to be there for them and help during such a difficult time.  

Love Letters

Love letters are not entirely reserved for someone that you have a romantic relationship with. You can write a love letter to your mum, siblings, or a friend. In this case, you can send a love letter together with the sympathy flowers. The letter should address the deceased, detailing the times that you shared and interacted with them. Moreover, you should also mention the surviving members of the deceased, pointing out that you feel for them because you are aware of the type of person that they have lost. Alove letter will help you express what you feel about the loss of the deceased and comfort the members of the family. This makes it a good option for something that can accompany sympathy flowers.


If you have any photograph you took with the deceased, then you can send it together with the sympathy flowers. Photos are a good way of showing the type of relationships that we have with others. For instance, a photo of you and the deceased at a party can show close friendship in which you enjoyed leisure activities together. In addition, the photograph can be used to remind the family of something special that you achieved with the deceased. For example, if you received an award together at work, you can use such a photo as a sigh of appreciating the contribution of the deceased in your career.