Got A Limited Budget? 4 Ways To Minimise Your Wedding Floral Costs Without Compromising On Beauty

10 March 2016
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Organising a wedding is an expensive affair, so you naturally want to find ways to keep costs to a minimum as much as possible. When planning your table arrangements with your florist before wedding flower delivery, you need to keep certain factors in mind to ensure that you don't end up spending a fortune on floral costs alone. This guide is designed to help you with ways to keep your wedding floral costs to a minimum without compromising on beauty.

Infuse Greenery Into Floral Arrangements

Flowers can prove to be quite costly on their own, so you should ideally get your florist to add greenery like ferns and ivory to your floral arrangements. Green embellishments and trimmings to flowers give the entire arrangement an attractive, lush and full appearance. The best part is that you'll probably cut your costs in half, as you reduce the number of expensive flowers you need for the arrangements.

Choose Larger Blooms For Arrangements

While green embellishments is key to reducing your floral costs, keep in mind that larger blooms like calla lilies and orchids are also ideal. This is because you won't need as many pieces with these bigger flowers spread across the arrangement. Larger blooms like calla lilies and orchids bring tremendous aesthetic prowess and look glamorous in any situation, so you can rest assured that your reception venue will be stylish and classy with these large-bloom flowers.  

Add Tulle Or Ribbon To The Base Of The Floral Arrangement

Ribbon and tulle placed at the base of the flower vase will add fullness and depth to your floral arrangement so you don't have to invest in more flowers to achieve the same effect. These decorative details not only add aesthetic value to the flower arrangement, but they also bring an otherwise plain table to life with their luscious twists and curves.

Choose Simple And Less Laborious Arrangements

While you naturally want your wedding flowers to be unique and appealing, keep in mind that elaborate flower arrangements mean that you will have to spend more money on the labour of the florist than on the flowers themselves. Low effort arrangements will naturally cost less than more laborious flower arrangements. You should ideally discuss which arrangements will end up costing you more than others with your florist. You can then make a decision based on your discussion and your personal flower arrangement preferences.

If you're working on a limited budget, follow these tips to minimise your wedding floral costs with your florist without compromising on beauty.